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A Global Glut of Invisible Trace Gases is Destroying Life on Earth

I wrote this little book because I would venture to guess very few people are aware that the background level of tropospheric ozone is inexorably rising, everywhere around the globe.  And why would people know?  Ozone is invisible, and corporations have waged an even more effective campaign to hide this dangerous acceleration in pollution than their effort to deny the scientific consensus on climate change from CO2...for the very simple reason that ozone is a genuinely existential threat to all forms of life on Earth, and controlling it will interfere with profits.

Recent research has demonstrated conclusively that although localized extreme peaks have been reduced, the constant, persistent background which has been rising since preindustrial times has now reached the most remote locations and is increasing at a quickening pace.  The "policy-relevant background" is so high it is approaching the air quality standards already set by the EPA.  That is the reason the Obama administration would not allow Administrator Lisa Jackson to tighten regulations in 2011.

Even people who may be aware that ozone causes cancer and other epidemic diseases, often don't know that it is actually far more toxic to plants than humans, in a host of ways.  Trees that absorb ozone through their leaves and needles are exposed to cumulative damage year after year.  It is rotting their roots and interiors.

Most farmers don't realize that their crop yield and quality are significantly reduced because of pollution - anywhere from 10 to 60% now, and getting worse every year.  Included in that problem is that many weeds are more resistant to ozone than the desirable crops, which they outcompete.  The absolutely worst effect is that vegetation injured by ozone is then prey to insects, disease and fungus with which they once co-existed in harmony.  Now, those attacks are finishing off perennial shrubs and trees at a rapidly accelerating rate.

The disastrous consequences of this for wildlife, ruminates, humans, and climate should be apparent.  It would be better if people understand that the current amount of pollution we produce is unsustainable, that we must come together as one family to preserve a habitable climate, prevent ecosystem collapse, and reduce  both our consumption and our  numbers dramatically by having much smaller families.

Read this book to find out how you can identify the visible evidence of ozone damages to trees and plants in your garden.


The pdf can be accessed by clicking HERE and a hard copy is available for ordering at Amazon HERE.