Following is a disorganized jumble of links to books, research, articles, and other items of interest, just a partial list from Wit's End that I am slowly transfering.  Someday I will fix it.  In the meantime you can click on the blog where there are two pages with more studies.

****Professor Muir's awesome ozone page - with extras in the links, to an entire college course!

Nitrogen, Dr. Galloway, ScienceDaily 5/2008

Bleeding Trees, article from 2004, California

Oil Crash

***eco-systems many links to global air pollution and tree health

CO2 and plants Science Daily article 12/2009

Richard Alley lecture, CO2 and plants

Ozone and foliage response, Schroeder 2/2008 Science Daily

***Ozone and crop damage, Manning in Science Daily 6/2008

CO2, nitrogen and plants, AGU blog 12/2009

Ethanol emissions effects on health, Stanford 2006

Ethanol emissions effects on health, Stanford 12/2009

***Honest Forester and in particular this page and this Duke conference memo

Envirolink page online resource

Rachel's Environmental index

Charles Little book, The Dying of the Trees, review by Peter Montague and another article here and here

***dieoff article about Charles Little, and UV radiation damage to foliage

article in NYT 1987 about conference between US and German foresters re: decline

CO2 making warmer temps means ozone is worse Jacobson, Stanford Science Daily 1/2008

***Ozone effect on trees by Woodman

Pollution effect on trees from DEFRA, UK

Lichen identification and testing, Canada

Lichen, Irish site, with information on biometer of pollutants

Nitrogen cycle article from Science Daily 12/2009

Nitrogen - info from website of International Nitrogen Initiative

Ozone worse in rural areas Cornell study 2003

Article about FACE (Free Air Experiment)

Ozone causes trees to lose moisture from leaves, McLaughlin, Oak Ridge

Ozone impacts on vegetation, research from MIT 2007

Ozone decreases tree growth Science Daily article 12/2008

Ozone - Membrane collection of links and more here

Letter to US legislators and regulators about biofuel from over 200 scientists and economists found here

Dying trees in Massachusetts, article from Boston Globe, 11/2009

***Ozone impacts on trees from VA Cooperative Extension

Ozone - background levels increasing, from the Royal Society

Ozone - Royal Society report

Ozone in the UK - pdf of DEFRA report

Dr. Woodwell's testimony from 1988 and more recent comments in Climate Progress

Chlorine by von Glasow

Chlorine by Thornton et al

Heavy metals linked to forest decline, article in Nature, MIT, Princeton, Dartmouth study

GIS data anlaysis of DC area ecosystem by

Pine beetle article in

***video from National Geographic about FACE experiment

Hydrochloroflourocarbons form oxalic acid, making acid rain worse

CO2 increases warmth, ozone, kills people, Stanford study 2010

Graph - interactive graph of climate change history of science and politics from NYT

***April 2010 issue of magazine Environmental Pollution, focus on effects of CO2 and O3 on trees

photographic comparative study of fall foliage 2007/2009 (mine)

winter chill requirements from Science Daily

Yosemite study from BBC tracking old-growth tree mortality

Premature Deaths from ozone in the UK

FACE article in MichiganTechU

Ozone Cuts Plant Growth, Steven Sitch, UK Met Office 2007

Science Daily article on UK study 2007

MSNBC article about UK study 2007

USDA webpage ozone affects plants

USDA photos ozone injury

European ICP Programme to monitor effects of pollution on forests

European ICP Programme to monitor effects of pollution on crops

Pollution Circles Globe from Science Daily 3/10

Soils emitting CO2 Nature Article

website about tree decline in California

Impacts of Climate Change Report from the Global Humanitarian Forum

CO2 causes faster growth Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Science Daily article: pdf below)

Newsletter from Forest Ecology Network 2010

Acidification of Soils leads to California Oak Decline

Crescendo Climategate Cacophony, a colossal compendium of the links between industry money and professional deniers, by John Mashey

Ozone from Asia lands in US (nitrous oxide down by 1/3 but ozone up by 29% since 1989)

nitrous oxide release from melting methane

trees lose liquid (!)

Dying trees in Oregon

CO2 levels rise despite economic downturn - forest sinks now emitting?

CO2 killing trees

warming threatens fruit and nut production/winter chill necessary - Sci. Daily article 

***trees dying in the UK, Guardian article

trees can defend themselves against insects!

Smithsonian research - CO2 increasing tree growth, original paper in Proceedings..

Investigation on Wit's End of the Smithsonian conclusion

nitrogen additive in BP gasoline?

***trees dying in the UK, Independent article

CO2 and evapotranspiration Science Daily about Caldeira/Cao research

***EPA report from 1999 on effects of ozone, per California Sky Watch

Ozone reduces crop yields Science Daily 2007, Sitch and Cox

Rising CO2 reduces crop yields Science Daily July 2006 FACE experiment

Ozone in Denver; increases bark beetle infestation

Ozone in North Carolina; reduces tree growth, causes crop damage

Tree Care Industry Asso. advisory; ozone wiped out Ponderosa Pine in CA

NJ ozone report

CA data base ozone damage to forests from 1989

******EPA Ozone Review Chapter 7 for vegetation

******EPA 2009 provisional assessment

Favorite Excerpts from the above EPA reports on Wit'sEnd blog

EPA links to ozone assessments

Kudzu vine produces ozone, UVA research 5/10

cork trees dying for "mysterious" reasons

Air Quality and Climate Change - UK publication 2007

hydroflurocarbons increasing

bee colony collapse

British Aerosol Manufacturers leaflet on ozone

***Entering the O(no!)zone by Janna Beckerman, UMN (scroll down for her section)

***Nitrogen: article in Scientific American

draft report from the Integrated Nitrogen Committee to the EPA

Article about acid rain, effects on birds, by Wm. Schlessinger

British Forestry link about infected trees

Photos of damaged trees in Britain

Salt Marsh Dieback National Park Service

Salt Marsh Dieback story - crabs eating grass

***Soybean production reduced 15% by ozone - FACE experiments

Acid Rain, Wet and Dry Depositioin - Environment of Earth

Acid Rain, Lichens and Pollution, US Forest Service

EPA: "Higher levels of ground-level ozone limits the growth of crops

EPA 2005 Air Quality Criteria for Ozone

Ozone damages leaves, Fuhrer et al

Photosynthesis - 3 types

Journal of Tree Physiology - search for articles about ozone

CDIAC database

Reuters article, crop yields decrease, blamed on warming & drought

Zhao August 2010 - crop yields decrease, blamed on warming & drought

Rolling Stone article on the EPA

The Carbon Bomb Greenpeace essay on impacts to forests

***Ambient Ozone and Plant Health - Plant Disease article 2001

***Ozone Effects on Agriculture - Journal of Integrative Plant Biology